Gintama Live Action Movie Trailer Revealed!

Hideaki Sorachi’s popular manga, “Gintama” live action movie revealed a trailer!


Gintama is a mega hit manga serialized on Weekly Jump since 2004. Gintama’s extremely unique jokes, intense actions, and enthusiastic and touching entertainment have been attracting so many people all over the world even today. It got an anime series and two animated movies so far.


A main protagonist at Yorozuya, Gintoki Sakata will be portrayed by Shun Oguri who is a big fan of this manga series. Shinpachi Shimura who works for Yorozuya will be played by Masaki Suda and Kagura will be played by Kanna Hashimoto. Both Shun Oguri and Kanna Hashimoto died their own hair to silver and orange to create the characters’ perfect looks.


Yuichi Fukuda whose famous work includes “HK: Forbidden Super Hero” and “Yusha Yoshihiko” will direct the movie to create the ultimately crazy and funny Gintama world. This movie will premiere in Japan next July.




Source: Fashion Press


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