“Your Name” Collaboration Cafe Will Be Open in Tokyo and Nagoya Next Month!

A sensational movie, “Your Name” which has been creating a new record in Japan’s movie history will hold a collaboration cafe at Ikebukuro Parco and Nagoya Parco for a limited time.


At Ikebukuro Parco, it will be open exactly for a month starting on January 7th until February 7th at THE GUEST cafe & diner. At Nagoya Parco, it will be open for a longer time, starting on January 27th until April 3rd at Cats Garden.
You can enjoy lots of exclusive food and drinks inspired by the movie at this collaboration cafe. For example,  there will be “Itomori Lake Bread Stew”, “Egg Salad Sandwich and Croquette Bread from Tsukasa and Takagi”, “The Comet that They Saw on That Day Plate”, “Pancake that Mitsuha in Taki’s Body Couldn’t Help but Take Photos”, “Who Are You? Hot Latte” and so on.

Even the names of these menu will remind you of the story of “Your Name.”

kiminonacafe_06 kiminonacafe_04 kiminonacafe_01 kiminonacafe_09 kiminonacafe_11 kiminonacafe_10 kiminonacafe_14 kiminonacafe_12Each item will be served with one random special card and you can even receive the original place mat and/or coaster when ordering food and drinks.

kiminonacafe_26 In addition, there will be over 120 exclusive merchandises at this cafe. They will have not only the standard items such as clear files and cups but also “Your Name”‘s original and creative items including Japanese sugar candy, traditional face cloth and so on.

kiminonacafe_16 kiminonacafe_19 kiminonacafe_21 kiminonacafe_29 kiminonacafe_25

“Your Name Special Shop” will be opening in Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Osaka and Sendai besides Ikebukuro and Nagoya and you can get these special merchandises at this shop as well. You can also take photos at a special photo booth inspired by the stairs that appeared in the movie at Ikebukuro Parco.


Source: Anime! Anime! & Fashion Press


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