From LA “Umami Burger (UMAMI BURGER)” will be opened in Aoyama, Tokyo in March 2017!

The popular Los Angeles hamburger restaurant “UMAMI BURGER” is planning to open its first restaurant in Japan. It will be located in the commercial facility “Portofino” in Aoyama, Tokyo and is scheduled to be open sometime around mid-March to early April 2017.
There are currently 24 UMAMI BURGER restaurants in the United States. Adam Fleischmann founded the first store in 2009. He took the name “UMAMI” from the Japanese word “umami” which is based on the fifth taste “umami” proposed by Japanese scientists. Using the concept of umami Fleischmann created a “hamburger made by establishing a recipe that brings out flavor to the utmost,” and named it the Umami Burger.

The UMAMI BURGER has also been selected as one of”The most influential 17 burgers in history” by Time magazine.
The restaurant will feature the same menu items as the United States but also develop a limited menu in Japan that will have the first Umami Burger created for Japan.

Can you guess the price of an UMAMI BURGER that will be sold in Japan?
Maybe 2500Yen?!

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