A new style of “OHANAMI”(cherry blossom viewing) is “Air Hanami”!


Speaking of spring is OHANAMI ( cherry-blossom viewing)
Kirin Brewery started the new projects that releases related new products for new situations to catch the minds of people who like drinking.

The first project is “Air Hanami.”

Let me explain to you what is “Air Hanami” (the cherry blossom viewing )
This is the new way to enjoy Ohanami for the people who can not go due to different circumstances such as hardship of crowded places, hay fever, bad weather, busy, etc. People can do the Ohanami (cherry blossom viewing )with the screen of smartphones or computer at anywhere.
“Air Hanami” is the new style of Ohanami that is talking on social media such as Twitter among modern people recently.
Kirin Brewery celebrates “Air Hanami Festival” campaign which everybody can enjoy elegantly even though alone using the internet.


There is the featuring page, “KIRIN #Air Hanami Festival Special” on the official Amazon site that is selling various kinds of cherry blossom-related goods and alcohol products that make “Air Hanami” more fun.
You can find selected Sakura goods to enjoy “Air Hanami” on the site.
Also, “#Air Hanami Festival LIVE” that is the special live streaming show of the collaboration with “block.fm” will be on Twitter live streaming service, Periscope on March 30th (20: 30 ~ 22: 30)
The program navigator is m – flo ☆ Taku Takahashi, guests are Crystal Kay and HIKAKIN. They will boost “Air Hanami” with the videos & music with viewers.

Source: walkerplus.com

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