Eir Aoi Returns from Hiatus with New Song, “Yakusoku”

Eir Aoi’s official website announced that she will resume musical activities this spring. Eir Aoi is a popular anime song singer (Sword Art OnlineKILL la KILL, and Fate/Zero), and she went on indefinite hiatus in November 2016 due to her health issues.

Eir Aoi’s official website reopened on February 1st with a pulsing blue light, and the rumor about the possibility of her return spread fast online among her fans. On February 8th, the official website revealed that Eir Aoi will be back along with a new song, “Yakusoku” (Promise). “Yakusoku” is written by Eir Aoi and Ryosuke Shigenaka for her fans who had been waiting for her return for over a year. Unfortunately, the music video is region-locked to Japan on her official YouTube account at this moment.



Official Website


Source: Animate Times



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