Cornelius “Mellow Waves” tour last day at Fonda Theater

The last day of Cornelius’ the US Tour that was supporting their new album “Mellow Waves” was held at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles.
A show began at 9:30 pm from the intro of Mellow Waves.
Cornelius’ show was created by innovative lightings and unique and smart videos and musical genius who can play various instruments amazed everyone in the venue.
The first lucky 50 people who bought the merch could meet and greet with members of Cornelius after the show.
The limited editions of white vinyl in the pop-up gate folder were sold out immediately.

Cornelius is a great amazing Japanese band that we can truly proud.

Set List
“Mellow Waves” Intro
Point of View Point
Count Five or Six
I Hate Hate
The Spell of a Vanishing Loveliness
Mirai no Hito he
(Dear Future Person)
Surfing on Mind Wave Pt 2
Yume no Naka de
(“In a Dream”)
Beep It
Fit Song
Star Fruits Surf Rider
Anata ga Iru Nara
(If You Are Here)

Chapter 8: Seashore and Horizon

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