DJ Army from LDH USA To Make US Debut at ANIME EXPO

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The Japanese entertainment giant LDH USA produces its first North American Event: OTAQUEST LIVE, featuring eight stars from Japan’s pop and electronic scene at the MICROSOFT THEATER, three of which will be performing in the US for the first time: PKCZ, m-flo, and Yasutaka Nakata.

m-flo presents “OTAQUEST LIVE” powered by LDH USA is a music festival featuring Japan’s biggest stars. This jam-packed event will unite dance music & J-Pop lovers in celebration. Energized by legendary Japanese group m-flo and PKCZ®, LDH USA aims to increase the popularity of Japanese pop music & culture.

OTAQUEST LIVE will be held during Anime Expo on July 5th, from 4 – 10 PM. The event will be presented as multiple acts, each approximately 45 minutes long.


PKCZ – A powerhouse DJ group with members DJ Makidai, VERBAL, and DJ DARUMA; they are lead by EXILE’s HIRO who serves as their producer. PKCZ combines “real inspiration and visceral cool emotion” across various creative platforms to create new value.

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m-flo – An accomplished R&B group featuring VERBAL, rapper, LISA, main vocalist, and Taku, DJ. Recently coming off a hiatus, m-flo is back and swinging with its smooth, metropolitan R&B that flaunts bilingual lyrics and international influences.


Yasutaka Nakata – Best known as the producer of widly popular Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (KPP), a solo pop artist, and Perfume, a Japanese trio credited with popularizing techno pop in Japan. Yasutaka Nakata has been a long-standing figurehead in the Japanese electronic music landscape, with an immeasurable sound palette that ranges from authentic dance music to “kawaii” sounds.


All featured artists include: Hachioji P, YUC’e, Masayoshi Iimori, TeddyLoid, PKCZ®, Crystal Kay, Yasutaka Nakata, and m-flo

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