“D4DJ” Will Broadcast an Audience-less Concert on Showroom!

It has confirmed that the media mix project “D4DJ” will broadcast their first audience-less live, “Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE” on Showroom on March 27, 2020!

It is also planned for the Showroom broadcast page to feature original D4DJ avatars and goods for sale.
More details will be updated onto the D4DJ official homepage and official twitter subsequently.


【Performance Details】 

◆ Performance Title: Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE
◆ Schedule: March 27 (Friday) 8:00PM START
◆ Broadcast Medium: SHOWROOM
※Page will be accessible starting March 23 (Monday) 21:00.
※Anyone will be able to watch live for free. It is not planned for the stream to be archived for later viewing at
this point. 


Happy Around!
(Yuuka Nishio as Rinku Aimoto, Karin Kagami as Maho Akashi, Haruka Mimura as Muni Ohnaruto, Kanon Shizaki as Rei Togetsu) 

Peaky P-key
(Aimi as Kyoko Yamate, Miyu Takagi as Shinobu Inuyose, Moeka Koizumi as Yuka Jennifer Sasago, Reo Kurachi as Esora Shimizu) 

Photon Maiden
(Risa Tsumugi as Saki Izumo, Haruki Iwata as Towa Hanamaki, Hinata Sato as Noa Fukushima) 

(Natsumi Hirajima as Rika Seto, Mei Okada as Marika Mizushima, Himari Haduki as Saori Hidaka, Ai Negishi as Dalia Matsuyama) 

(Rihona Kato as Tsubaki Aoyagi, Sae Otsuka as Nagisa Tsukimiyama, Haruna Momono as Hiiro Yano, Tsunko as Aoi Miyake) 

※Performers are subject to change without notice.


About “D4DJ” 

“D4DJ” is a brand new media mix project from Bushiroad with “DJs” as its theme, following the success of “BanG Dream!” and “Revue Starlight”.
It’ll show you a brand new world of DJs through DJ Concerts, Anime and Game!
Besides remixing famous songs that transcend generations, the project will also create new original songs. Please look forward to how “D4DJ” will develop! 

Official Site: https://d4dj-pj.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/D4DJ_pj
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/d4dj_official/
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNWWdKniJyzQA3RiJ5LMoVw

D4DJ Groovy Mix Website: https://d4dj.bushimo.jp/
D4DJ Groovy Mix Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/D4DJ_gm 


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