Sandaime J Soul Brothers recently revealed the music for Summer Madness.

This song is the second collaboration with an international act. In their last single, STORM RIDERS, they collaborated with Guns N’ Roses‘s guitarist, SLASH. This time they will be working with the top EDM DJ act, AFROJACK. This song comes almost a year after their last summer release,R.Y.U.S.E.I., which was also an EDM song. The song will be used as the CM song for ANA’s Summer Travel Rate.

The song features the members of the group dancing on stage in front of a dj booth, being operated by the members of PKCZ (DJ DARUMA, DJ MAKIDAI and VERBAL). It also features beautiful scenery, a diverse group of bikini-clad women, they even show off some of Japan’s culture with kimono clad women.

Check out the music video!

Source and Image: Arama Japan

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