Japanese girls rock group BAND-MAID released a special video today in preparation for their American performance debut at Sakura-Con next month.

Fans of Akihabara’s maid-cafe culture will enjoy guitarist Miku’s authentic and fun phrasing as the BAND-MAID members welcome their “master and ladies” to their first “service” in the United States.

VIDEO: BAND-MAID Sakura-Con Welcome

BAND-MAID will perform a live concert, participate in a Q&A session, and sign autographs for fans during Sakura-Con’s three-day event, March 25-27. Event and registration information can be found at Sakura-Con’s website: http://sakuracon.org

BAND-MAID’s YouTube channel reached 40,000 subscribers this week after the Valentine’s Day release of their new music video “alone“.


BAND-MAID will also appear on the international Japanese music television program J-Melo as one of the finalists in J-Melo’s Breakthrough Artist Showcase. The all-girl rock band placed second in the recent viewer poll, and they’ll sit down for an interview with host May-J when the program airs in mid-March, just a few days before Sakura-Con.

BAND-MAID episode airs March 14 (Japan Time)
Times: 0:10, 6:10, 12:30, 18:30
BAND-MAID Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bandmaid
BAND-MAID Website: http://bandmaid.tokyo

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