In Japan, food art continues to expand into different mediums (i.e. daikon oroshi). The popularity of 3D food art in particular is growing rapidly, so much so that once a picture of 3D food art pops up in Twitter, you’ll see that picture featured on all types of websites. This is how Duke Capo, a bar that offers 3D cocktail art, gained its popularity.

The magic behind these cute cocktails is possessed by Mayumi Sunaga, a former patissier. She left her job as a pastry chef, worked at several restaurants, and was asked to work at Duke Capo a year and a half ago. The idea for 3D cocktail art emerged out of a casual conversation about 3D latte art. Sunaga wondered why there was 3D latte art and none consisting of alcohol. Her boss and coworkers suggested she try making them. At first, she attempted making art with warm cocktails, but the whipped cream would melt too quickly. She then switched to conventional iced cocktails, but the blocks of ice were too unstable to hold the art together. Sunaga finally succeeded when she used crushed ice. She filled the glass with crushed ice, poured in the drink, and made a flat bed of whipped cream on top to create a sound base for the art.

You can choose from 10 different liqueurs that go well with the whipped cream, like milk, chocolate, or black tea based liqueurs. You can also ask Sunaga to create whatever your heart desires. She says one of the most memorable 3D cocktail art she made was of Gundam (of which I unfortunately can’t find a picture).

Duke Capo
Matsuya Building 3F,
2 Chome-5-10 Kitazawa,
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


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