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Couple months back, I talked about how LEGO Legend of Zelda could not come into existence. Boo… However, there appears to be an alternative spotted! Over at Hyrule Foundry, they took the item images from the original Legend of Zelda and threw it in a 3D Modeling Software. Countless hours later, they got the items printed out from a 3D Printer. Where did they get one? No idea. But it’s safe to say 3D Printing has a stronger presence than ever before so it shouldn’t be too long before we all have access to one, and even perhaps in the later future, own one in our own home! But I digress…

Keep in mind these items are about toy-sized. You won’t be wielding the Master Sword but maybe your Link action figure can! If you’re interested, you can actually purchase these! Be warned, they are expensive due to the fact that it was printed from a 3D Printer! A complete set will run you $320 USD! Each piece of item will be around $10!

If you don’t mind or want to window shop, here’s the link to the store: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/HyruleFoundry 



For more information about this stuff, head over to the Hyrule Foundry Blog!

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