4D Movies at Nagoya Movie Theater

I’ve often talked to myself about this. What if you can experience the same smell that the characters are smelling in the movies? And physically feel what they are feeling? That would be one heck of an experience! And behold, the world is about to experience this phenomenon! On April 26th, Korona World will open their FIRST 4D Movie Theaters in Nagoya!

The technology known as 4DX was developed in South Korea. This will allow the audience to experience the movie with all 5 of their senses. SIGHT, SMELL, HEARING, TOUCH, and TASTE. Umm, what will we be tasting? ! But the concept sounds neat! The chairs will move to simulate the motions (like Back to the Future The Ride… before it was taken down. /sad fase), there will be strobe lights, water effects, and a system with various scents! I would try to go into more details but I doubt I will experience 4DX for a while. What makes me more sad is the movie they are premiere with 4DX.

IRON MAN 3! That’s right. Cry your heart out while many Japanese fans will get to experience Iron Man 3 in 4DX! Feeling the swoosh motions from all the flying, smelling of the ashes burning, and wind blowing and gah! All I can say is if you are in Japan right now, FIND A WAY TO GO EXPERIENCE IT! And please report back to me on what the experience was like. Pretty please? 🙂

Source: RocketNews24

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