The 4th Mt. Fuji Cosplay World Conference
Cosplayers & Itashas will be gathering at the foot of Mount Fuji!
The 4th Mt. Fuji Cosplay World Conference will be held on November 19th (Saturday) and 20th (Sunday) at the Ginza shopping area in front of JR Shimizu Station.
The Ginza Shopping District in front of Shimizu Station is the most accepting shopping district for cosplayers in Japan as you can shop in your outfit 365 days.

Approximately 28,000 people visited last year, and 910 cosplayers participated. Many cosplayers from all over Japan and the world will be gathered in Shimizu this year. Two full days of events, such as a runway performance, stage performance, talk show by famous cosplayers, and a big photo session, will be held to fully enjoy the charm of cosplay.

There will also be free rental of various costumes at the venue, so even beginners can experience cosplay casually, and itashas that boldly feature various characters.

Illustrator, Bibico’s original poster for the 4th Mt. Fuji Cosplay World Conference

Source : Tokyo Walker Plus

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