This is a neat little story.

5 years ago, Kagoshima, Japan student Saki Arikawa wrote a letter, packed it up with some origami flowers and a picture of her grade school classmates, and cast it into the ocean.


Jon Moore, who discovered the bottle

Last Wednesday, and 4,000 miles away, Petty Officer Jon Moore discovered the bottle in the waters of Hawaii. Opening it expecting a treasure map, Moore was surprised at what he found.

As Hawaii News Now reported,

The ‘treasure’ traveled more than 4,000 miles and five years before it washed up on the Westside of Kauai. It contained a letter, four origami flowers and a photo of Arikawa’s sixth grade class.

Moore says he plans to respond to Arikawa and her school to see what they think about the bottle’s discovery.

This story is a cute little example of grade school exercises that some times pay off in the end; when we make those “time capsules” or messages in a bottle, we don’t usually expect it to be found and replied to, so when a story like this comes out it reminds us that yes, it is actually possible.


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