This year’s trend color is NEON! There is a famous shop called 6%DOKIDOKI that represents the culture of Harajuku. The girls on the cover of their website is vani (left) and Yuka(right),  they are the shop girls at 6%DOKIDOKI.

Waaay before this years trend color neon was brought to light, 6%DOKIDOKI has always made “out of this universe kawaii” neon accessories and clothes.  You many notice that the color tone looks a lot like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s video PONPONPON, and that is RIGHT! The art director/producer of 6%DOKIDOKI, Sebastian Masuda, was in charge of the art direction for PONPONPON.

And I want to introduce you the things I want from this store.

Shooting Star NecklaceDOKI DOKI Ring

Unicorn pierce- Neon Yellow




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