Toho, International Inc. is excited to announce the season 2 release of the classic ‘70s animated series, “Godzilla” on Toho’s Official Godzilla YouTube Channel!
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Never-before-released on home video and rarely seen in over 40 years, this second season is exclusive to the YouTube channel and will bring viewers back to the Saturday morning adventures of Godzilla and the loveable sidekick, Godzooky. The 13 episodes of season two first premiered in 1979 and will join 13 episodes of season one exclusively on the Godzilla YouTube Channel.

On June 6th, the first part of the series will premiere on the official Godzilla YouTube Channel.

Look out for more monster-sized fun and adventure on the Godzilla YouTube Channel with the “Godziban” puppet show and original “Godzilla Chomp” documentary series.

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