I came across this 1977 Japanese movie ‘Hausud’ (House) in this article, and I have to say that this looks incredible. I especially liked this synopsis of the film:

Imagine Evil Dead 2 with a cast of Japanese schoolgirls, re-envisioned as a shampoo commercial, and with Michel Gondry in the director’s chair, jacked to the gills on absinthe and pixie sticks.


I had to look up some clips on YouTube to try to make sense of this madness…check out the trailer (warning, it’s apparently a horror movie so be forewarned, the trailer does have some scary imagery if you aren’t in to that sort of thing)

And here’s a clip involving the phrase ‘bananas’ that somehow turns a guy into a skeleton??

I love finding movies like this that are just completely insane. This looks like it’d be quite a head trip to watch, therefore I must track it down. Luckily for me and anyone who is into this sort of crazy stuff, they are apparently planning to release it on DVD here in the US sometime “soon”. Awesome.

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