OMG! when i first see these tiny cars for commercial usage, i just couldn’t believe it. Isn’t it adorable? They are advertising a service called “WAKU WAKU MAIL” which lets you make a fancy  decor email with your cell phone. These cares are so colorful and i cant wait to see them on streets. That would be hilarious. My question was how fast can they go? and on their website, they say :  Maximum speed of 50km/hour, with cruising range of 35km per charge. Very interesting. I also love the idea of AD CARS FOR EARTH. Greener life is really something in japan.

Tokyo times says, “Considering the cries of kawaii that greeted this unusual little convoy as it slowly moved along the street, cute may already be the general consensus. However, what isn’t open to any debate is that these all-electric ad cars are not only compact and quiet.

(photo credits : Tokyo times Org)

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