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At Tune in Tokyo, we are firm believers in the importance of visual branding for club events. We are fortunate to have worked with great artists to create the look for our flyers, mascots, and campaigns, and demonstrate that our events are both a destination for Japanese music, and fashion. We wanted to take an opportunity to tell you a little more about Tune in Tokyo artist Jettila Lewis, and perhaps provide a little inspiration for you to pick up a pencil and paper, or tablet, and get started on your own creations!

Jettila is a comic book and freelance illustrator who works out of Chino, California. She has a unique and gorgeous style inspired by Japanese manga, American comic books, and pin-ups. Her female characters, in particular, are illustrated with sense of realism, maturity, and a refreshing style that evokes classic 70s pulp comics like Heavy Metal and commercial artists like Range Murata, rather than the overly-cute characters commonly seen today, often influenced by the male-driven fantasies of manga.

VK and Lolita Girl
VK and Lolita Girl - Tune in Tokyo Debut Event (2008)

Her subtlety and sophistication isn”t limited to female characters. You can see in the two comics that she illustrates, Motor City, and The Concrete World, that she populates her pages with a rich array of characters, young and old, beautiful and modest, luminous, and dark and twisted  (both comics are authored and created by my brother Gavin Hignight, on which I”ve served as an associate editor). The worlds of both books couldn”t be more different. However, the emphasis on dynamic, yet realistic-looking characters, believable action, and gorgeous and detailed background work runs constant through both titles.

Motor City and The Concrete World
Scenes from Motor City and The Concrete World

Motor City is a 192-page graphic novel, published by Rebel Sidekick Studios, focusing on a 1950s-type gang that must defend their turf from an onslaught of ghouls. Think of it as The Outsiders meets drive-in monster movies. The book is heavily influenced by hot rod, rockabilly and greaser culture, as well as classic youtube justin bieber girlfriend Selena Gomez made an appearance during Tuesday”s visiting hours to show support for the jailed star. monster movies, and pulp horror comics.

The Concrete World is an ongoing web comic series that takes place in a bleak future, in which the central characters have retreated into an addictive virtual reality system called DREAMTech. The series is as much about the turmoil and tragedy of addiction, as it is online casino about virtual worlds and high technology. Both titles showcase Jettila”s stunning work as a comic artist.

Back to School Girls
Art for Back to School Event (2009)

Jettila”s perhaps most iconic work can be seen in her pin-up illustrations. Many were initially done as chapter breaks for the Motor City graphic novel, and she carried this approach forward into the mascot characters for Tune in Tokyo. Jettila”s ability to create striking, intense, sexy, and playful characters for our campaigns is unparalleled. In her work, you”ll see a little Olivia, an eye for the details in modern fashion, and a strong casino online graphic style that evokes the best of manga, while retaining an western sensibility.

D1 Grand Prix
Promotional Art for D1 Grand Prix (2009)

Perhaps our favorite piece, completed to promote our New Year”s party last year, features Jettila”s intricate art coupled with clothing and character concepts by lolita designer and Tune in Tokyo style consultant Megwa. It captures what our events are all about–cutting edge fashion, friends out for a night on the town, J-Pop pumping in the club…if you want to know what our events are about, one only need look at this particular piece.

Artwork for New Year's Campaign (2009)

Jettila is currently hard at work on  The Concrete World, squeezing in commissions, and Tune in Tokyo projects in-between chapters. New pages are up every month, but you can read it from the beginning here. You can also check out the first chapter of the greasers vs. ghouls graphic novel Motor City here. Additionally, more of her work for Tune in Tokyo can be seen in her gallery at our MySpace site.

Kigurumin Pajama Party
Art for Kigurumin Pajama Party (2010)
Now it”s your turn! Jettila was inspired by J-Horror and suspense comics like “Pet Shop of Horrors” and “Battle Royale”. What are your inspirations? And importantly, has that lead you to try your own hand at design and illustration? There”s nothing greater than expressing yourself through your own artistic creations. Everybody is great at different things, and whether its art like Jettila”s, or picking up a guitar, or spinning behind the decks, we owe it to ourselves the explore our talents.

In a future post, we”ll be spotlighting our other phenomenal artist, Jose Macasocol, Jr., whose art can currently be seen on our Sakura Bomb Jrock Live poster.

Greg Hignight
DJ and Founder, Tune in Tokyo

Gyaru Party
Art for Summer Gal Party (2009)

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