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Many are familiar with the Ganguro or Lolita fashion styles that populate the streets of Harajuku but you won’t see any Shironuri enthusiasts amongst them. Considering themselves the counter-culture to the counter-culture of Japanese fashion, many Shironuri artists remain within groups of Shironuri and rarely venture out to display their art on the streets of Harajuku (there are exceptions but we’ll get to them later).

Rather than drawing inspiration from European culture, Shironuri fashion draws uses traditional Japanese elements such as heavy white face paint, kimonos, hakama and typically outfits worn by ancient Japanese stage actors and geishas. However, Shironuri fashion doesn’t follow a strict guideline of what and what isn’t considered Shironuri; you can even implement elements from other fashion trends into your outfit. The only parts of your outfit that you need to be considered Shironuri is covering any visible skin in white (can be white foundation for the face or white clothes). There are popular aspects of Shironuri that is used amongst most enthusiasts such as thick and heavy black eyeliner and the use of fake lashes to create panda-like eyes. Just like the outfit, though, you are free to experiment how you want with makeup.

Source from Tokyo Fashion

There are many famous models for various Japanese fashion trends but because Shironuri models usually congregate with each other, they aren’t as widely known as models from other trends.  However, they deserve just as much recognition as any Lolita or Erokawaii models.


Known for her implementation of monster masks or monster makeup, N.96 draws inspiration from typical Halloween monsters and famous characters from the horror genre and implemented them into her outfits. All of her makeup and masks are homemade with amazing attention to detail.

Source for this and every photo after from POPkakumei


URI is a male model as belongs to both Harajuku and Shironuri fashion and often implements aspects of both into his outfits.


Minori is probably the most popular Shironuri model and is exceptionally popular on Tumblr. She considers her outfits to be darker Shironuri and draws aspects from European fashion into the typically Japanese fashion style.

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