I came across to this post over tokyotimes and couldn’t help sharing with you.

Tokyo times says :

Despite their constant and uncomfortable reminders, I’ve always found graveyards to be strangely relaxing places; in many ways the perfect spot for a quiet and contemplative wander on a weekend afternoon.

Pet cemeteries, on the other hand, have somehow always felt very different. Invariably quite disturbing if the truth be told. Although why exactly I don’t know.

This particular place in Tokyo’s western suburbs, however, is an unusual mixture of the two. It’s without a doubt extremely poignant, with silence and the smell of incense pervading every little corner. (source)

Yet the very obvious joy that these animals once brought to their owners.

And which are now clearly very much missed.


I have been to two of the pet ceremonies when I lived in japan. I believe I was 6 when I was there for the first time, and I remember that I felt the place was very special and peaceful. It was very clear that everyone who was there, was missed and loved very much.


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