Ace Attorney 1-3 being re-released on 3DS

The first three games in the Ace Attorney series is being re-released on the 3DS with updated graphics and 3D effects, however it should not be considered a full remake. The bundle is going to cost 3,990 yen (roughly 38 USD). This bundle is only being released in Japan but DO NOT FRET because there’s going to be an English-language option implemented into the games. That would mean a lot of there wasn’t a region-lock on the 3DS; you would have to buy a Japanese 3DS to play this bundle.

mqetZIOFor those of you with a Japanese 3DS, the collection will be released on April 17th and pre-orders will receive a code to download artwork and arranged composition of the game series’ music. It might be better at this point to learn Japanese than to expect Nintendo to ever change their stance on region-locking.


Source: Sinobi
Translation: NeoGaf

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