It was announced in Famitsu magazine that the Ace Attorney 5 is scheduled to be released on July 25th for the Nintendo 3DS.


While the last title in the Ace Attorney series starring Phoenix Wright was Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations in 2004 (for the GBA, the DS version came out in 2007 overseas) the name game returns with Wright as the protagonist with a new sidekick, Kokone Kizuki (most likely to change for overseas release). If you preorder the game before August 15th, you will be given access to free DLC outfits for both Apollo Justice (said to be the Phoenix Wright’s original suit from the first three games) and Kokone Kizuki.


Famitsu also revealed that Apollo will be a playable character in the courtroom. Kokone Kizuki will be your replacement for Maya (in the game, Maya will never be replaced in our hearts) and she is able to read the emotions of witnesses to help win cases (similar to the Magatama system in the previous games and Apollo’s bracelet). Among the new characters announced is Jin Yugami, a prosecutor who’s currently serving time for murder, but has been allowed to serve as a prosecutor for unknown reasons. No word on the whereabouts of Maya and the Fey family but hopefully they will return in some form to the series.

 Jin Yugami

Capcom has announced that Ace Attorney 5: Pending Subtitle would be released in the west which brings relief to many fans of the series after Capcom announced that Ace Attorney Investigations 2 would not see a western release. However, there are a few dedicated fans that are working on a fan translation. Progress is slowly coming along as Case 1 is complete (with a few bugs) and Case 2 is nearing completion. 

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Fans of the Layton and Attorney series were also sad to find out no news of the crossover game Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney developed by Level-5 has also not received any indication that it would be released in the west.

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