Last night my girlfriend and I ventured into the Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles with some friends. We met up at Haru Ulala for dinner and it was great. I hadn’t been there before, to the restaurant or the district, so I was in for a treat. I won’t attempt to remember the names of some of the food we ate, but I did take some pictures:


The menus were all written in crayon, which was pretty cool and helped give the place a super-casual atmosphere.


I can never figure out how to use chopsticks correctly. It’s like I have some inherent inability to do it. Hence my confusion.


This was all SO GOOD.


This guy knew what he was doing

In all, we kept ordering more and more food…shrimp tempura, edamame, chicken skewers, some delicious pork, rice balls with some kind of flavor inside, and I ordered chicken wings (mostly just to see how they would be at a Japanese restaurant). They were small and full of flavor.

Oh, what trip to a Japanese restaurant is complete without some sushi?


Delicious spicy shrimp roll

Toward the end of the meal, my friend Jon ordered an egg custard thing called Chawanmushi. To me, it resembled the dessert dish flan, but it was basically a cup of egg and various fillings, like a piece of shrimp and some veggies. Despite being really hot, I ended up eating most of the cup, because it was so good. It was basically an omelette in a cup. Mmm.


So good.

The best thing about Haru Ulala was that the prices were cheap! We ate a lot of food and the bill wasn’t as much as you would usually expect it to be at most places, which was nice. I’d definitely go back to this restaurant next time I’m in the area, it was great.

After that we walked over to some of the various shops and places nearby, in search of some kind of dessert for the evening. We settled on mochi, which I actually had NEVER had before….needless to say I’m in love with it now….the place we bought some from made delicious flavors for only one dollar. I had some chocolate, cookies and cream and strawberry ice cream encased in mochi….so good. I’m hooked.


I found my new favorite food

We also went to some of the little gift shops with all sorts of toys and goodies for sale….I had never seen so many DOMO products in one place before! It was wild.


I almost bought that wallet

If we had gone to Little Tokyo earlier in the night, I’d have taken more pictures and seen more stuff…but we were pretty late and places were closing, so this is basically all we did. Still, I plan on going back sometime and checking out more places/eating at different places and reporting back here accordingly. So stay tuned! 🙂

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