Agriculture-based Anime “Agukaru'”Implores You to Vote

ManySome… A few of us are familiar with various agriculture educational videos that we used to watch in grade school. Their objective was to draw awareness to agriculture activities but they tended to be all information and had little to no entertainment value.


However, leave it to Japan to make it entertaining. Agukaru (Agriculture Angel Baraki) is a web-anime by Studio Puyukai based in Tsukuba-city in the Ibaraki Prefecture. It has had four short episodes uploaded to Nico Nico Douga and YouTube since September 2010 and serves as a method to educate viewers about Ibaraki’s agriculture. For what it is, it’s a pretty well-made short anime series that educates as well as entertains the viewer. It has its own opening, a main character that transforms, a cute sidekick character, decently designed villains (that are all themed to pests that are a problem in the Ibaraki region), and an overall cuteness to it that makes it hard not to like it. After teaching you about something about agriculture, the rest of the anime is the protagonist dealing with the incompetent antagonists. Each episode finishes off what they were teaching you early to reinforce what you’ve learned throughout the episode.


She’s about to go agriculture on you.


The series was well-received by the citizens of the region and Agriculture Angel Baraki became the representative character of the prefecture. Since the character has become so popular within the region, the Ibaraki election management committee has decided to use characters from Agukaru to draw attention to the upcoming gubernatorial or state governor election scheduled on September 8. If other countries had a more entertaining way to draw interests to voters to actually go out and vote then maybe voter turnout wouldn’t be so poor. It’d be pretty awesome if other prefectures came up with creative ways to get voters interested in voting.

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Here’s an episode of the anime for those that want to watch it and learn something about Ibaraki:

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Source: Crunchyroll

Image Source: PuYUKAI

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