The first out of five parts of the AKB48 x Ice no Mi commercial has been released on Glico’s website.

Atsuko Maeda is asked what she would do after AKB. She says, “well…” and then it cuts to the murder scene of Rena Kato. The two clues are the “N” and the code.

If you guys can get a hold of a Japanese Shonen Sunday on 7/4, you can enjoy a more in depth story as Gosho Aoyama, the creator of Detective Conan, will be working on a nine part special featuring AKB48. Below is a sketch by Aoyama of Detective Maeda.

There are also three rounds where you can win original AKB48 merchandise if you buy Glico’s products. The campaign is similar to AKB’s “buy a CD, get one vote” rule, but at least you get to savor some delicious ice cream.

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