HKT48’s New Song Says Girls Are “Empty-Headed”

Many are knowledgable about the pop sensation, all-girl group, AKB48.  HKT48 is one of many sister units underneath the AKB48 umbrella and despite considered one of the most popular songwriter’s of his time, mastermind behind AKB48, Yasushi Akimoto, has been criticized for HKT48’s new song, “Einstein yori Dianna agron.”

A professor from an all-girl university in Tokyo says the song’s lyrics are completely unacceptable and push forth messages to fans that girls are allowed to be “empty-headed” and doing good in your studies is “meaningless” if you aren’t “loved.”  Although released in April of this year, “Einstein yori Dianna agron“, can potentially pose as an issue for young girls who look up to the group.

The underlying message behind the song describes a girl who has zero knowledge of Albert Einstein yet admires American actress, Dianna Agron.  We are guilty in the United States of pushing songs that depict messages that “may” or “may not” be deemed inappropriate.  In a country like Japan where the fan-to-celebrity connection can often be taken as “personal”, it’s not surprising that Professor Masami Ohinata feels this way!  It also makes you question the idea of feminism in Japan.

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