The only regret I have from my previous Japan trip was not getting DORAEMON TOYS ( in the photos.) at Akihabara, tokyo. That was my 3rd time visiting “the toy heaven” and The New Doraemon Toys just came out back in March, 2012.

The reason I didn’t get them was I got to Haneda Airport at 5AM and I stopped at Akihabara for a little while and did window-shopping and found my dear Doraemon (!!!) , but I was sooooo tired to even carry toys back to a hotel.

Next time, I am getting this-whole-Doraemon-family-complete-set. Look at KOROSUKE (Kiteretsu Daihyakka) next to Doraemon… the dream come true kinda collaboration right? Do you see a lovely “Jyaiko” in a background?

Have you seen those awesome Doraemon figures? The price was just right, about 1000 – 3000 JPY. I am in love with these retro looks. What are the new toys you want to get?

Found these awesome retro anime posters.



I love visiting Akihabara!!!! Here are some tips for you. If you’re in the area and craving some yummy local ramen place to sit down and relax, THIS is the place to go! ENMEN RAMEN Perfect lunch & break spot. 5 draft cold beers. ( thumbs up! ) It’s located on the main street so easy to find too!

They have summer specials now until end of september which looks super yummy.

Eeeeeeek! Shiso Gyoza and cold spicy tomato tantanmen. I WANNA EAT BOTH.

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