I’ve been out of touched with Asian Kung-Fu Generation for a few years now, probably around the time they released their 2010 single, ソラニン (Solanin). I don’t know why, but personally, I lost interest in them due to their newer songs. However, back then, Asian Kung-Fu Generation was one of my top favorite bands.

Last week, I saw that they released a Best Hit album and I thought, “oh, haven’t heard these guys in a while. Let’s see what songs made it to the list.” Without looking at the track list beforehand, I popped in the CD and…

WHOA! The album really took me back to my high school days! The first track on the list is 遥か彼方 (Haruka Kanata), the song that got me into Asian Kung-Fu Generation and hours and hours of Naruto episodes. I got into my head banging mode so I kept it playing. Upon listening to it, I realized each and every song that came up was once in my iPod being played 50 times a day everyday. This included 君という花 (Kimi to iu Hana) , リライト (Rewrite), 君の街まで (Kimi no Machi Made), ループ&ループ (Loop & Loop), ブルートレイン (Blue Train), 或る街の群青 (Aru Machi no Gunjou), just to name a few.

The Best Hit AKG really touched the nostalgia spot for me and got me loving Asian Kung-Fu Generation at the moment and even wanting to check out their newer songs.

The bonus DVD entitled, Return To The Basics vol. 1, contains studio live footage performance of all songs from their first album 君繋ファイブエム (Kimi Tsunagi Five M). It is always great see how mature a band has gotten by watching and listening to their current interpretation of songs they have written in the past.

The album is definitely worth getting. Purchase it at CDJapan.co.jp !

Need a memory jog of how awesome AKG is? Here’s a recent performance of 君という花 (Kimi to iu Hana) from their Bonus DVD!

P.S. Notice anything about the cover art? 😉

Jason Vong
Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi Contributor

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  1. Great band, and I’m glad they made an album with all their best songs.
    Actually, for me they are the best Japanese band I know of.

    P.S. Best cover for a “Best of Asian Kung-Fu Generation” compilation.

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