Top-class musicians from Japan gather in DECAYS to create a brand new sound that you have rarely heard from any Japanese band before: Bassist G.Terrence and Drummer Kashiyama Kei (from MOON CHILD) provide the solid pounding rhythm section, while Yusuke Kobayashi (from THE NOVEMBERS) on Guitar, Chidony on Keyboard and Ayasa on Violin enrich the song’s dynamic with powerful notes and diverse timbres. Finally, the legendary guitarist Die (from Dir En Grey), who came up with the idea of “DECAYS”, and the well-renowned singer in Japan, Nakamura Ataru are in charge of the vocals. An all-star lineup, isn’t it? If you are wondering what kind of sounds these big names in Japan gather to make in this band, you may want to check out our previous review of DECAYS’ first album “Red or Maryam” here.

In fact, an all-star lineup doesn’t mean good teamwork would follow; especially when every member has been involved in their own music groups for too long, it might not be easy for them to get accustomed to a new band, in many aspects from music composition to performing style. However, I’m pretty sure you never need to worry about this problem when it comes to DECAYS; thanks to the entire band’s perfect collaboration, a variety of music styles, elements and arrangements were combined in harmony in their first album, and the band continued to present such superb job in their recently released single “Veludo no Tori“.


As we mentioned in the review of “Red or Maryam”, DECAYS is not a stereotypical rock band that only impresses people with earsplitting music, and their new experimentation in”Veludo no Tori” further proves this. “Veludo no Tori” is meant to show the sensitive side of the band with hints of classical Japanese style — listening to Die’s mellow voice layering over the gentle acoustic guitar and violin sounds, no one could resist getting overwhelmed by such bittersweet romance. So far, this single has only been distributed at DECAYS’ domestic shows, but is very likely to be included in their next album or digital release. Please look forward to it, since it’s truly a “must-listen” of the band.

If Die’s original band Dir En Grey are a typical example of Japanese music’s ability to spread around the globe, DECAYS, with their unique, rich sounds and English lyrics, have the potential to attract a whole new fanbase from overseas, who do not only get to know them from some anime or just because they are categorized as “J-rock/ Visual Kei”. DECAYS are now making major changes in the Japanese rock scene, and you may want to keep an eye on their future activities.


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