ALI PROJECT has captivated broad fan base with the innovative melody arrangement, poetic lyrics, dark rock style music, and of course… their beautiful gothic look.
They’ve combined glamorous ballad, pop, Japanese rock and contemporary art in their music.
On March 29, they released their 25th-anniversary single “HimikoGaiden” and held an audience.
During the public, they announced the release of their brand new best album in June and their 2017 tour dates.
ALI PROJECT will be very busy in 2017 for touring in Japan and overseas.
“HimikoGaiden” Music Clip(Short size)

ALI PROJECT 25th Anniversary Best Album will be out on June 21, 2017

ALI PROJECT TOUR 2017 dates.

Sun, June 25 – Maihama Amphitheater, Chiba

Thu, July 13 – Club Diamond Hall, Nagoya

Fri, July 14 – Nanba Hatch, Osaka

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