Are you bored with the menus at your typical coffee shops? Do you want to order menu items you’ve NEVER seen before? Then Kissa Mountain is the place for you.

So what kind of foods do they serve? Well, here’s what their most famous for, the Sweet Melon Bread Flavored Spaghetti:

MMMMMMM… Nothing like green spaghetti (???) and whipped cream! (If you’re wondering, there are actual melon pieces and it tastes more like melons than melon bread). But it’s more than a strange coffee shop with a gross menu; you can think of it as an eating game. The rules are: if you finish it all by yourself the master of the shop congratulates you for independently reaching the summit. If you don’t finish it, you become the one who gave up and began descending halfway. If you try too hard and feel sick, you’re a disaster. Hence the name, Mountain. The ability to stomach the wonderful concoctions will not help you reach the summit easily; you need to be able to eat a lot as well. This is another feature of the place: they serve LARGE portions. In the past, some items weighed 2kg, about 4.4 lbs. Here are some more of their specialties.

Sweet Maccha Sweet Bean Spaghetti

This one has a load of anko (red bean paste) hidden underneath the spaghetti.


Nabe Spaghetti

This one looks pretty descent looking, just like regular udon. The issue is the GINORMOUS portion and the little bowl of sauce for that amount of noodles.


Super Spicy Picante Pilaf

This is just too SPICY.


Squid Ink Juice

They also have menu items that can be found at your typical Japanese coffee shop like curry and sandwiches, but they’re mostly known for the crazy stuff. If you’re in the Nagoya area and want a challenge, check this place out and tell us your story @

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