Hello everyone! Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend!

You probably went to ANIME EXPO 2011 in Los Angeles and had amazing time there, didn’t you? SO DID I! I went there on Saturday & Sunday. It was a lot crazier on saturday! a lot of events were going on all day & night. Made many many new friends and saw a lot of cool stuff especially in artist alley! I got to see all the sketches they were doing at their booths. I was so impressed that so many independent artists were there to show off their awesome work! Watching people’s cosplay was the best part of the event. I have so many pictures to share with you!!! If you didn’t go this year, you must make a summer trip plan to LA for next year!!! Because you are missing out big times!!!! Honestly, it was the first time for me and kinda overwhelming for a first couple of hours since there were so so sooo many people in one place, i had a BLAST!!

since i have so many photos to share with you, i am going to split the posts to two or three! If you are looking for your cosplay pictures, i will post them on next one!!! stay tuned!!



As you can see, there were so many toys / posters / figures / fashion / CDs / DVDs… full of Japanese pop culture!!!

Part 2 is coming very soon!!!!

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