The Anime Expo in Los Angeles, which just finished yesterday, reported its biggest year yet, attendance-wise.

The Anime News Network pointed out that the convention had a turnstile attendance of more than 128,000 and over 47,000 “unique attendees”, with those terms defined as follows:

“Turnstile attendance” is the number of attendees on each day added together, so a person who uses a four-day pass is counted four times. “Unique attendees” is the number of attendees regardless of how many days they attend, so a person who uses a four-day pass is counted once.

ABC7 in Los Angeles sent a reporter to the convention to talk about the weekend and the “geek culture” that is so prominent at this and other similar events. View the video below. If you haven’t check out our recap of the Expo, what are you waiting for? Part 2 is coming soon, so stay tuned for more pictures from the weekend’s festivities.

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  1. This… reporting makes me sad.
    They single out the -cough- strangest people and make the rest of us mild addicts look bad!

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