Summer heat in LA is nonstop from the ANIME EXPO + 4th of July weekend. I hope you guys loved the first visual tour from yesterday! Here’s pert 2!! from the biggest anime event EVER!! ENJOY.

Artist alley was pretty incredible. Definitely one of the best thing of Anime expo. I couldn’t believe the numbers of independent artists’ booths!! It was just so amazing to see and talk to them in person! I spent hours and hours hunting goodies and talking to all the artists who caught my attention. A lot of them were drawing/sketching and sewing in their booth!

I loved this artist’s style. so cute. Spirited away and totoro.

a lovely japanese lady.

Crafty. very crafty!! so adorable!!

sailor moon! shopping!


she came from nowhere! Ariel.

Cosplay contest is coming tomorrow!!!! There are going to be the prize, not for cosplayers in photos, FOR YOU!!!!!!! You are going to be the one who decides which one is the best!!!!! are you excited???! I hope you are!

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