The animation festival “Anime Japan 2017” will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight in Ariake, Tokyo on Saturday and Sunday, March 25, 2017.

“Anime Japan 2017” will deploy a different theme in three areas, “Main Area,” “Creation Area,” “Business Area.”

In the main area, the groups representing Japan anime-related companies and organizations will be gathered, and they will have a variety of content as well as unique exhibition booths.

You can get the latest information for upcoming animation events such as the”Theater version sword art online – Ordinal scale -“, “”How to grow not bright girlfriend ♭” in the “RGB stage” where various stages will be deployed and make announcements of the latest animations, talks, live events and many other activities on site.

In addition to product sales and a workshop demonstrating the bracelet making of the “braid” which is popular in the movie “Your Name.”


will also be held in the “Official Goods” area of the event that helps to develops a collaboration within the animation community and the different industries groups attending the event,
In the creation area, there is a workshop style “creator course” where you can get advice directly from prominent creators who are active in the front lines of animation as well as a detailed exhibition of animation production such as the “Production Works Gallery” which displays the charm and beauty of animation production in a gallery format using actual production materials.
In the business area, a project focusing on the animation business is also available for your viewing pleasure.

Source: Fashion Press Net

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