Do you guys know an awesome band called ANIMETAL USA?! For those fans out there, this post shall be bookmarked! And if you are an anime song lover- you have to know them!

ANIMETAL USA was formed in 2011 as a tribute to the original ANIMETAL that was active in Japan 1996-2006.  ANIMETAL USA specializes in metal covers of theme songs from Japanese anime and tokusatsu television series in English.  They are a four piece band with (from the left)


singer- Mike Vescera (OBSESSION/ex-LOUDNESS) as METAL-RIDER

drummer- Jon Dette (ex-SLAYER, TESTAMENT) as TANK

guitarist- Chris Impellitteri (IMPELLITTERI) as SPEED KING

We had the chance to attend their panel at Anime Expo! It was so much fun- here is a video of how the panel was like and interviews from fans lining up to see them—– PLUS a special video message from the members! WOW sugoi—-!

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Like the video? As if the video message wasn’t enough, ANIMETAL USA was very nice to respond to all of our interview questions!!!!!check it out-

1. Some of you guys were in popular American Heavy Metal bands, what made you guys decide to focus on songs from Animes and Japanese audience in general?

Storm Bringer (Rudy) and I (Metal Rider) had been discussing doing a project together for some time. We’re both fans of Anime, mine coming from living in Japan while in Loudness, and Rudy’s love/interest in Animation. We were aware of the original band Animetal and thought it would be a great idea to continue the legacy, but on more of a worldwide mission. We approached Sony with the idea, they loved it and we moved forward from there.

2. Looking at your discography, we see a variety of songs from Anime shows and Tokusatsu such as Super Sentai and Kamen Rider, how do you guys decide on what songs you want to cover?

There are so many great songs that we would like to cover, so it is a bit difficult to choose. We actually took submissions from fans on this latest CD and decided mostly from those submissions. Of course we have to feel that we do the song justice when covering it and changing it into the “Animetal USA” style.

3. What are some of your favorite Anime/Tokusatsu shows?

We’re fans of many, I think “Gachaman” is one of the favorites, “Touch”, of course “Naruto”, especially “Naruto” because of our involvement in the off shoot “RockLee” in which we wrote and performed the them song.

4. It’s interesting how you guys formed about a year ago and being an American Metal group, this is your first US debut. Why is that? How does it feel?

This is the first scheduled show outside of Japan. The press, promo and shows kept us very busy and this was really the first opportunity to play the States. It feels incredible to play in the States, especially the “Anime Expo”. It’s truly and honor to have the first show we play in the US be at the “Expo” This is the first of many.

5. Do you guys listen to JRock/Jpop, if so, what are some of your favorite bands? Are they your influence as well?

We do listen to some of the JRock/Jpop. Right now I would have to say that our favorite would be “Baby Metal”. We were fortunate to meet them and be exposed to them while in Japan recently. They cross Jpop with Heavy Metal and it’s really amazing. They’re very young girls, but a killer act. We’re hoping to work with them in the future. We would also like to express our love for the “Jam Project” with whom we just toured Japan with. It was a double bill with “Animetal USA” and very successful tour. We would have an encore every night where we would play songs from Jam Project members original Anime hits, as well as a medley with all Jam Project members. This was incredible and hope to do it again.

6. Shortly after covering a bunch of Anime opening/ending themes, you guys have an original called “GIVE LEE GIVE LEE ROCK LEE.” (Congrats!) How does it feel? Can we expect to see/hear more original Anime openings/endings from now on?

Yes, as I stated earlier, this is awesome. It feels so cool to be part of the incredible Anime world. You can definitely expect to hear much more from us in the future with original Anime theme songs, etc.

7. What band/artist would you like to collaborate with in the future?

We would love to do more with “Jam Project”, of course “Baby Metal”, “Momoiro Clover Z” who performed with us at “Loud Park”, “Ichirou Mizuki” which we also performed with in Japan (this was a great honor for us). We would love to work with many more of the original Anime singers, writers, etc.

8. Here at KawaiiKakkoiiSugoi, we strive to find things that are kawaii(cute) and kakkoii(cool). What is kawaii/kakkoii to you?

Everything and anything Anime!!!! And of course “RockLee”


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