Another new cola to hit Japanese market – “brown sugar cola” from Okinawa! Everyone loves brown suger, right? I think it’s going to be a big hit this summer 2012!

The secret of delicious Okinawan brown sugar is that Okinawan sugarcane is grown in fields enriched with coral and blessed with strong sunlight and minerals delivered by the ocean spray. (read more about Okinawa Brown Suger here.)

The cola will be sold at 140yen ($1.75) for a standard 500ml bottle. The combination of Okinawa’s island allure and the sweet taste of brown sugar definitely sounds appealing and is bound to make it a perfect summer drink. It will probably make you want to visit Okinawa, and more importantly for JT, it may turn out to be a big hit! (rocketnews24)

Sounds really yummy actually. I would love to try one! Hope they will be available at Japanese Markets in Los Angeles!



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