Ever wish hamburger buns were made out of rice?

Ever dream of replacing that boring meat patty with something more exciting?

Well, Marked5‘s your place… Maybe?

A friend told me about them. They’re a nomadic restaurant. They’ve got a truck that goes around LA selling burgers with buns made out of rice. They have a burger with tonkatsu, chicken currry, tofu patty, and beef patty. And they also have Calpico and Pocky.

Which reminds me, do you guys know why in America (and other countries) it’s called Calpico, but in Japan it’s called Calpis?

Well, because Calpis sounds like “Cow Piss,” and so to avoid the misunderstanding they decided to change it to “Calpico” in countries other than Japan. What’s odd (well, what I find odd) is that this information is pretty well known among Japanese people, and is even given on the Japanese Wikipedia for Calpis, but not on the English Wikipedia.

“Calpisが英語cow piss(カウ ピス=牛の尿)」と聞こえることから、CALPICO(カルピコ)という名称で販売される。なお、製造情報の欄には輸出会社として「CALPIS CO.,LTD.」と書かれている。”

– Wikipedia, ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/カルピス

* Calpico is a soft drink that tastes like yogurt. It’s got a nice balanced sweetness to it, though I feel the ones bottled in America are sweeter.


They have different flavors and other bottles with Hello Kitty on them.

As for Pocky, I assume I don’t need to explain anything to you all. 🙂

Here’s some interesting information. If you go on the Japanese Pocky site (click the link in the middle), they’ve got games, fortunes, wallpaper, screen savers, and even an iPhone/iPod Touch application!!

This is one out of the twelve games on there. It’s like the matches game. It says, “move four pocky sticks and make three squares.”

Picture 3

This other game asks you to move one pocky stick and make the answer of the equation two.

Picture 5

This game is like Taiko no Tatsujin. You hit the spacebar and return key according to the circles and music.

Picture 8

In “Road to POCKY” you have to connect the ramps so that the ball can get to the pocky.

Picture 9

Anyways, as you can see there are many cute games! Unfortunately, the iPhone/iPod Touch application is not as fun. It just helps you choose teams and whatnot. You shake your device to mix the pocky, and then pull one out.



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