I grew up watching Gegege no Kitarou when I was small. It’s a spooky horror manga series for children and I still love watching some episodes. Kitarou is a youkai boy. Youkai (妖怪, yōkai) is a term mostly associated with Japanese folk creatures and ghosts, don’t forget, its anime! so they all look kinda cute! Medama No Oyaji ( kitarou’s dad ) is definetely one of my favorite Gegege’s family members. Now I saw this Medama No Oyaji Water bottle and I am thirsty. Can I please have one? The sad part is you can only get them in 鳥取県 境港市 tottori ken, sakai minatoshi. Yes that’s right. Sakaiminato-city is where kitarou and his family & friends live. No wonder it’s limited and only available there! ( 400 Yen ) 

If you’ve never watched Gegege no kitarou before, watch some episodes here. Trust me, one of the classic anime you don’t wanna miss! My all time favorite kitarou!

Japanese horror meets children’s anime – forty years and still going strong – black hole says.


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