UPDATE: A reader of this article tipped me off that this wasn’t in fact a true story, but that a Japanese tabloid made up the story and for some reason, reputable news outlets assumed it was true and ran with it. Crazy!

Steve Jobs, the absurdly wealthy man behind Apple electronics/computers/iPods/etc., recently visited Kyoto, Japan with his family for a vacation.

Upon leaving the country, Jobs was caught with shuriken, otherwise known as….NINJA STARS, in his carry-on bags.

I assume he bought them as a souvenir to remember the trip, but it’s funny that he didn’t think to HIDE his ninja star weapons before trying to board an airplane (which, hilariously, was his OWN PRIVATE JET).

I don’t know if he tried the “Don’t you know who I am??” line on the shocked security guards, but it strikes me as odd that he wouldn’t think to…um…put them in his check-in luggage??

Not airplane-safe!

Jobs says he isn’t going to travel to Japan anymore as a result of this incident, which sounds a bit over-the-top of a reaction, but whatever.

I just know now that I shouldn’t try to bring my souvenir ninja stars in my carry-on bags in the future.

Thanks for the lesson, Steve!

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  1. This was totally a rumor created by a Japanese tabloid! I’m sure Steve Jobs will travel back to Japan in the future, and this whole prank got blown way out of proportion.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I can’t believe a tabloid would create this kind of story and have the world just run with it assuming it’s true…

    I’ll admit it sounded a bit silly and unbelievable, and I guess it actually was!

    Thanks again 🙂

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