If you have a Macbook, chances are, it doesn’t quite stick out. Blame Apple for the lack of exterior customization! Back when I was in college, I would be sitting in a large lecture hall and maybe a good quarter of the students were using Macbook Pros. I’ve always wondered what happens if I could just switch their laptops, you know, given the situation is static & controlled where they would have their Macbooks conveniently closed. By the time they’d noticed, they would have been back at their respective dorms! Bahaha!

One day, I noticed one particular Macbook with an awesome decal on it. A Yoshi eating the Apple logo!

I gasped and thought to myself, “I should really get a Macbook Pro!” Throwing down $2000 USD just to put some silly sticker on it, kinda sad right? Well fast forward 2 years, I finally own a Macbook Pro… but I still haven’t gotten my decal yet! Argh! I want to make mine special, that no one else has! So I started browsing to get an idea of what design I wanted and ask one of my friends to design for me. (She’s working on it as we speak, but I won’t say what my design is)

Anyway, on my search journey, I encountered a lot of AWESOME looking decals that I would like share some with you guys within the confinements of Japanese pop culture! Check out the gallery!

I really like the One Piece crew silhouette. If that doesn’t scream “badass,” I don’t know know what will. I love the ones that uses the Apple logo for creativity, like the Link with the Apple fairy, Pikachu holding the Apple, Doraemon eating the Apple, and Naruto’s Apple Rasengan!

If you would like to purchase a decal for your laptops, head over to http://www.etsy.com/ They have tons of great hand-made items there. Just do a search for laptop decals and you will find a lot! I’m sure you will find one of your liking, if not, look for users on Etsy to make a custom design for you. The price would be higher, of course.

By the way, incase you guys are confused, these are NOT stickers! Atleast, not the ones that leave a sticky residue. These are decals that are easy to apply and easy to remove without damaging your laptops. Be sure to double check with your buyer that what you will be purchasing are decals and not STICKERS!  I don’t like the idea of putting stickers on my stuff, because, what if I want to remove it in the future? Decals are the solution to that problem!

If you have an awesome decal, whether it be on your Macbooks or Windows Laptop, share it with us on our Facebook page! 🙂

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