What is your impression of Japanese people? Hard working, diligent, and strict… But drinkers?

It seems like Japanese people are becoming party animals these days.
Halloween is becoming more popular year by year and more people parade in costumes in Shibuya. They will enjoy a slightly different style of Halloween party in Shibuya this year.

The party creator, Afro & Co. by “Afro Romance” that has been planning numerous hands-on content that has become a hot topic. They will throw the maddest Halloween party in Shibuya called “AWA Halloween (Foam Halloween)” which will feature the music events, Awapa (Foam Party), where people dance covered in foam. It’s like world famous foam party Amnesia Ibiza!

I think that people are obsessed with and get excited about playing with foam. WHY? Because, maybe, we have a desire to become messy, but don’t want to get REALLY messy.
“Foam Halloween LIVE” (17: 00-22: 00) is for all ages and the all-night party “Bubble Halloween EDM” (23: 00~) will feature very popular DJ TJO, who has performed at ULTRA. In previous years, the parties have been overcrowded, so it’s likely going to be an exciting night.

It seems like People in Shibuya will enjoy the new Halloween with cosplay and foam. Sounds super fun!
Do you think Foam Halloween party is COOL?

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