Hope you all had a Happy Fourth! This post may feel “like sooooo four days ago,” but I’d like to share the Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi adventures at Anime Expo 2012 with those of you who couldn’t attend. Our AX adventures began on Friday at Lounge 21, where 21+ attendees could enjoy some booze and take a break from the craziness. We were stuck in line for our badges for quite a while so once we got in, our very own Miku (who is of age, fear not) and I decided to start off the day with a beer, because really, what’s a Japanese festival without a nice cold beer? Lounge 21 was sponsored by Tentacle Grape, a grape soda with an out-of-the-ordinary theme (and I probably shouldn’t go into it any further)… The first 500 purchases of any drink came with a bottle of the purple soda. After our refreshing beer, we went to go check out some panels/events and headed over to the exhibit hall.

Cocktails made with Tentacle Grape

Tohoku Project Dance Workshop

Our Miku playing Ni no Kuni

Miku grabbing some free Hi-Chew

We also stopped by The Brands Boutique booth that Yuna wrote about recently. The store features brands by local independent designers and is run by some of the most generous people I’ve ever met. They had a bunch of unique and kawaii items that you couldn’t get at the other booths like Twinkie Chan‘s food scarves and cute shirts that they hand silkscreened. After walking through the exhibit hall, we decided to go grab some grub. What was pretty disappointing was that I expected to see more Japanese food, but the only one I saw was the Tempura food truck. We ended up getting some barbecue pork sandwiches, which were delicious, but not exactly fitting for our adventure at AX…

Chilling with The Brands Boutique people

Twinkie Chan’s food scarves

Miku trying on a kawaii apron sold at The Brands Boutique

Miku looking for noms

A lot of our time and energy was sucked away by the line to get our badges, so that pretty much covers our day 1 adventure. Below are some random pictures. Cosplay photos will come in a different post.

People waiting for the exhibit hall to open

Convention center towards the end of the day

Itasha designed by Danny Choo

Dude scaring the crap out of people…

Miku and her negi!

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