Regardless of the one hour delay, starting close to ten a.m. instead of nine a.m., when AX 2019 commenced, there was no holding back the plethora of otakus who have been anticipating this event all year round, walking up the stairs into the Exhibit Hall. The playing of taiko drums propagated through the environment as the ribbon was cut, officially opening AX 2019!

I explored the convention, not necessarily with a destination in mind but rather to photograph the cosplayers, who never fail to impress me with their craft. Here are a few who captured my interest.

Mostly I browsed the Entertainment Hall mainly, and I got a chance to play some of the arcade games, notably Mrs. Pac-Man, a simple yet addicting game that forces one to stay on his or her toes from the ghosts. 

I attended a Love Live! cosplay gathering, the cosplayers adorable with their dancing and perky personalities. I was able to photograph their dancing routines and poses. 

The main highlight of the day was “Legend: Katsuhiro Otomo Projects Announcement,” a panel elaborating what to expect from renowned director and mangaka, Katsuhiro Otomo. This part will have its article so stay tuned for that, but to be succinct for now, three projects have been announced: Orbital Era, a sci-fi coming-of-age film; a compendium of the complete works by Otomo, including his early works of manga; and a new Akira, project, whether it would be a movie or a TV series is yet to be disclosed. For now, here are two pictures of the panel.

To conclude the long day, I mellowed out by singing some karaoke tunes. It was a pleasant experience, and I can’t wait to share more. More articles are coming up!

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