Final day of AX 2019 was a short day; nevertheless, I enjoyed it to the fullest. Although I explored the Exhibit Hall, I spent most of the time inside Kentia Hall where the Artist Gallery was situated. It was amazing to see the vendors showcase their amazing work, a testament to their dedication to their craft. Here are some photographs that I took around the area.

Apart from that, I got the opportunity to meet one of my favorite voice actors, known mostly for her role as Yuna in Final Fantasy X. Admittedly, it was amazingly surreal to meet Hedy Buress, because I played Final Fantasy X and heard Yuna’s voice when I was a child, and little did I know, ten years later, I would stand before the actor herself who provided the English-dub and gave life to a beloved character. Hedy Burress enjoyed the game. “It is beautiful, magical, and the narrative so emotional that you connect with the characters.”

I nodded. “I know that you and James Arnold Taylor [voice of Tidus] never actually recorded dialogue together, but both of you did an amazing job making it seem like you did.”

“Well, to give credit, it was all thanks to Jack Fletcher [voice director] who understood the world and bonds amongst the characters.”

Even though not video game or anime related, I brought up other projects with which Hedy Burress was involved, such as Valentine (2001) and Foxfire (1996), the latter Buress saying: “The only time I ever got top billing over Angelina Jolie, which will never happen again.” I enjoyed talking with her and realizing my dream of meeting her in person!

With a few hours before AX 2019 concluded, I took copious photographs of various cosplayers. Here are few highlights:

At the last minute, I attended the “Anime Anonymous” panel. What that entails, I will elaborate on it in the next article. AX 2019 came to end when I realized that the main hall was off-limits. I had an amazing time, and I am eager for what is in store for next year. Until then, see you at AX 2020!



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