AYABIE‘s Taito (Key) will withdraw from the band after their live concert on July 31st at Ikebukuro EDGE.

On his official blog, Taito explained, “I wanted to distance myself from the environment I have grown accustomed to and study once again.” Also, Takehito(G) revealed that he had accepted Taito’s request to withdraw as he “felt the responsibility of AYABIE not being able to produce anything since last year.” Regarding AYABIE’s future actives, Takehito said, “I will make the announcement again later.

AYABIE formed in September of 2010 with members Yumehito (Vo, G), Takehito, Intetsu (B), and KENZO (Dr). Taito joined the band as a new member in February of 2013. Later in July, KENZO withdrew from the band, followed by Yumehito and Intetsu’s withdrawal in December. Since then, Takehito and Taito have been carrying on the band’s activities themselves.

Source and Image: natalie and Tokyohive

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