BABYMETAL! First Japanese Act to break the US Top 40 Billboard Charts in 53 Years!

The world can’t get enough of BABYMETAL right now and their new album, Metal Resistance‘s, sales numbers serve as proof!  For the first time in 53 years, a Japanese act has broken the US Billboard Top 40 chart, securing their position at #39.  This is just the cherry on top of getting to perform at The Stephen Colbert Show as well as becoming the first Japanese act to headline the Wembley Arena in London.

With the group being formed in 2010, I’d say these girls are off to a magnificent start and have been able to accomplish the goal of gaining foreign notoriety quite rapidly; something that many other Japanese artists continue to work hard for.  Prior to BABYMETAL, Hikaru Utada had been the only Japanese artist to break into the US Billboard Top 100 chart.

The importance of BABYMETAL’s album breaking the US Billboard Top 40 chart isn’t due solely because it has been over 50 years, but more of an eye-opener to the demand of music consumers today.  BABYMETAL being a foreign act, utilizing the English language slightly in their songs, and representing a genre that isn’t considered “commercial” or “mainstream” says that today’s US consumers are opening up!  We ARE indeed ready for new sounds and new forms of expression.  This may also open the doors for many other Japanese acts to enter the US market, perhaps BABYMETAL’s success will fuel a new wave of Heavy Metal Music fans.

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