BABYMETAL’s New Album “Metal Resistance”


BABYMETAL presents us with ‘Metal Resistance’!  Whether you agree with the girl’s version of metal music or not, ‘Metal Resistance’ gives us a 12-track, iTunes ranked 4.5/5 star rated album featuring an English-version of “The One.”

Tis’ been quite a successful year for BABYMETAL, especially with their growth on an international platform.  This past Tuesday, April 5th, marked BABYMETAL’s first US tv-debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and the girls managed to both wow and confuse the US audience at the same time!  This isn’t the first time that BABYMETAL has left quite the impression on an international audience because in 2014 they performed in both Paris and the UK successfully, ultimately becoming the first Japanese act to headline London’s Wembley Arena!

Brace yourself for BABYMETAL’s World Tour beginning this May and get a head start with ‘Metal Resistance’ below!


Metal Resistance 

01. Road Of Resistance
03. Awadama Fever
04. YAVA!
05. Amore
06. Meta Taro
07. From Dusk Till Dawn
08. GJ!
09. Sis. Anger
10. No Rain, No Rainbow
11. Tales Of The Destinies
12. THE ONE (English version)



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